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foodpanda結業為假消息 將維持香港營運


foodpanda澄清 : 「鑒於早前有消息指 foodpanda 營運部曾發出訊息聲稱本公司將停止香港業務,本公司在此澄清 foodpanda 從未發放過該訊息,香港業務亦不會停止。應對當前情況,我們希望透過繼續實踐不同新措施,以支援所有夥伴餐廳商戶、顧客及送遞員為優先考慮。



It has been brought to our attention that there is a message circulating indicating that the foodpanda Hong Kong operations will cease.

We would like to ensure to you that this message was not sent by foodpanda, and that we are not ceasing operations. In line with the current situation, we are adapting to new measures and our priority is to support our partners, customers, and couriers.

Our key focus is to keep delivering through this challenging time, to bring the food/groceries you need swiftly and safely.

Thank you for your understanding.」

Source : foodpanda官方Telegram Channel


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